Friday, June 24, 2011

Photos from the past

I love to travel, and have been taking photos of places I have traveled to for years.  I have saved the better photos assuming someday I would use them create a drawing or painting.  So when Marilynn said we should bring a few photos to work from to the workshop, I dove into the stacks.  I pulled out a few from a fall trip to New Hampshire many years ago.  I had taken several photos on that trip of the bold fall leaf colors.  The two that I selected to work with were good examples of those colors as well as their reflections on the water.  I composed the two paintings to be viewed in the journal side by side, rather then as individual paintings.

Having photos to refer back to if you can not return to the place (and maybe even the moment) can be very useful.  They provide a good reference for shadows and placement of objects.  Depending on the type of film and exposure they can also provide a reasonable color reference.

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