Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rosie's porch

While visiting Sapelo Island back in June I met a new friend, Rosie.  She was happy to have visitors and welcomed us all to her porch.  I had taken a few photos of Rosie, and this one just seemed to say 'paint me'.  So I used it as my resource for my final Fall 2012 Advancing Art Class painting.

While working on the value I decided to simplify the composition by eliminating the second rug and trash can in the background.  I didn't even notice them in the photo until I started to make my sketch.

The majority of colors are shades of grey: blue grey, orange grey, green grey.  There is only splash of orange (rug, planter and some fur), and a bit of light green from the plant.  All of these colors were created from a palette of Winsor & Newton red, yellow, blue, and orange.

For the final painting I wanted Rosie to really stand out from the background.  So I used paler shades and less distinct lines and edges.  I changed the back wall from a blue grey to a green grey, and used the same green grey for much of in the plant.  I also used a paler shade of orange for the rug and ceramic pot.