Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Views of Sapelo Island Ga

I recently spent a weekend on Sapelo Island, at the Reynold's Mansion which is managed by the Georgia Park Service.  I always love spending time on Sapelo, it is a wonderful place to be.  I took my watercolor journaling kit and a camera to capture photos of the trip.

Thomas Spalding designed the original South End House, with 10-14 inches thick tabby walls and an architecture similar to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  This house was the Spalding's plantation manor from 1810 until 1861.  It fell into neglect and disrepair after the Civil War.  Howard Coffin purchased the Island in 1912.  He restored the South End House, adding indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  Which were decorated with full size statues.

Richard J. Reynolds Jr purchased the island in 1934.  Reynolds made several renovations to the South End House while he lived there.   The house today is very much like it was when Reynolds lived in it.

He hired Atlanta artist, Athos Menaboni to decorate three of the central rooms with murals.  The sitting room on the main floor, adjacent to the indoor pool has tropical plants and birds.  The large ballroom upstairs has a circus motif, complete with a tent ceiling.  The basement game room's walls have pirates.

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