Saturday, July 9, 2011

Colors of the tropics

The last stop of our trip was Quepos, where we stayed at the Hotel La Mariposa.  We had beautiful views of the ocean from our room, the hotel dinning room and the infinity pool.  Besides the wonderful view (even from inside the pool); the hotel bar made a refreshing pineapple mojito and they delivered pool side.

One of the reasons we went to Quepos was for the beaches, the other was to see Manuel Antonio Park.  From our room we could see the park, it didn't seem that far away, so we decided to walk instead of waiting for the hotel shuttle.  It was farther then it looked, there were limited sidewalks, and it was down a steep hill.  We stopped at a sidewalk cafe for refreshments before going on a guided tour of the park.  The guide kept us walking so I had little time to sketch the insects, lizards, birds, bats and sloths we saw.

We did take a several photos, which I was able to use later to finish the journal entries of the park animals, local beach and town.  It was well worth hiring a guide.  We never would have spotted many of these animals without him.

We got caught by the rain and were totally soaked by the time we got back to the hotel.  Nothing that a hot shower and great dinner at the hotel couldn't fix.  This photo was taken from our table looking across the patio at Manuel Antonio Park.  When it was really raining the tables were moved farther back under the roof and awnings were lowered to keep any blowing rain off the dinner guests.   It rained every afternoon, and often into the evening while we were at Quepos.  

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