Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alien oaks in the parking lot

This oak (Quercus lyrata) does not turn bright red, or day glow yellow.  The green leaves fade to a yellowish brown and fall.  It wasn't the leaves that caught my eye, but the acorns.  They are large, deep red brown and have an amazing thorny cap.  The cap covers just about the entire nut of an immature acorn, hence the name 'Overcup Oak'.  As the acorn matures the cap peals back from nut, but they do not drop free.  The ground under the trees are littered with these large acorns and the strange yellow-brown leaves.

The leaves remind me of an insect or strange alien monster.  I think it is the combination of  the leaf shape and the way the curled and contorted leaves scuttled along the patio.

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  1. Incredibly realistic leaves and shadow, Amy! I'm impressed.