Monday, November 17, 2014

Variations in long stitch book binding class

I recently was able to take a two day book binding class with Hollis Fouts.  The class focused on variations of long stitch binding, which I was very excited to be able to take it.  It was held at Asheville BookWorks in west Asheville, NC.  I was able to work with old friends and meet new book art enthusiasts.  Working side by side on similar projects is a great way to share ideas, discover new ways to do things and learn from your collective mistakes and successes.  I also was able to use some large historic bindery tools, like the hand guillotine (below left) and nipping press (below right).
It was a fantastic weekend!

We started by making a leather wrap link and long stitch bound book, with a button and twisted thread closure.  I used Crawford green 4 cord thread for the binding.  The twisted green and tan thread closure was secured under the sewn on floral button.  I added a matching wooden button to the end of the twisted thread as a decorative detail.

We looked at examples of bindings and discussed variations in long stitch binding patterns.  Then we learned how to make our own pattern cards.  Stitching an example card helps you work out the stitching steps required to use the pattern to sew signatures to a book's spine.  The cards also serve as a reference for later.

Our second leather wrap book was bound using link and varied length long stitches.  A decorative chain stitch circle was sewn on the spine and a leather strap closure was added.  Hollis makes beautiful marble papers and I used some for the end papers of this book.  This style of book makes a great travel journal.

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  1. I just finished a long comment and apparently it went into the atmosphere of goodness. You rock and what a great post!! Love the pics, description, but most of all - your books! Fantastic! I have a feeling a few more will be made. So great to see you. Happy day, H