Saturday, August 22, 2015

Leather quote books

As a special request, I am binding some small leather books that have pages sized perfectly for one special quote.

Quotes come from many sources; family, friends, a favorite line from a book, song or movie.  Some quotes can make you laugh, others can inspire.  A quote can remind you of the person who said it, the place you were when you first heard it, or the feelings you had at the time.  Collecting quotes, sayings or proverbs allows you to re-read them whenever you want.  The perfect place to save your favorite quotes is in a handmade book.  A place you can personalize the quotes with doodles, sketches and drawings.  A place that can grow to include a life's worth of quotes.

"If its worth writing, its worth writing in a handmade book"
  Hollis Fouts

The first one has a black leather wrap cover with a large wooden button closure.  There are 50 landscape oriented pages, divided into five signatures of 5 folios each.  French speckled 80 lb paper was used, and the first and last signature have tipped in maroon colored end papers.  Red Crawford 4 ply waxed linen thread was used to bind the book and attach the wooden button.  The leather wrap was cut in a semicircle, and a hand decorated wooden button was added for the closure.

The second one has a red suede leather wrap cover.  The ten signatures contain five folios, forming 100 portrait oriented pages.  Japanese inspired blue and gold wave pattern paper was used for the end papers on the first and last signatures.  To match the end papers, torquise Crawford 4 ply waxed linen thread was used to bind the book.  Two signature templates were required for the binding pattern.  The leather wrap was cut at an angle to match the diamond shaped raku button used for the closure.