Monday, August 15, 2011

The beach!

You can't go to an island and not visit the beach.  On this trip we visited two different beaches.  We went to Sancho Panza Beach at the north end of Little St. Simon's Island to do some bird watching.  We spent a wonderful afternoon at the Main Beach, which is about mid island and not very far from the Landing.

The trail to the Main Beach led through several small dunes.  The meadows between the dunes were filled with numerous pink flowers.  The Sea Pink, Marsh Pink or Rose of Plymoth (Sabatia stellaris) have five bright pink petals.  The petals are separated from the bright yellow center by a distinct carmine colored line.  Sea-Pinks range along the Atlantic shore from Maine to Florida.

Besides bird watching,  swimming and beach combing, we also seined!

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