Monday, September 5, 2011

My watercolor travel kit

I looked at a lot of bags, camera cases and small packs in my quest for the right watercolor travel kit.  I was actually running out of time, when I found a Mountainsmith lumbar series packs that was perfect.

I wanted a pack that was small enough to carry with me at all times, but big enough to carry all the essentials:
  1. Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box  
  2. 5" x 8" journal (or two)
  3. mechanical pencil(s)
  4. ink pen(s)
  5. kneaded eraser
  6. 2 oz spray bottle
  7. 2 oz dropper bottle
  8. kleenex packet (or two)

I also was interested in something that was tough, light and waterproof (or at least water resistant). What I found was something that that would easily hold the above, and also carry:
  1. a water bottle for me - journaling is thirsty work!
  2. my field hat
  3. other personal items like a phone, keys, cash, plastic cards
  4. and I could secure my raincoat to it as well
I use the Fleece lined eyewear pocket for glasses, phone, etc. This pocket has a waterproof zipper and cord port - so cool! The zippered main compartment has a zipper cover that does an excellent job of keep out the rain and easily holds my watercolor kit, journals, kleenex AND other items. There is one hanging interior mesh zippered pocket that I use for pens, pencils, erasers, 6" plastic ruler and wax resist crayon (I just know some day I will use it).  I use one of the two side water bottle pockets for a water bottle and the other to hold the both 2 oz water bottles and/or my hat.

The elastic rigging on the front of the pack is useful for holding my hat or raincoat, or even a larger journal.  The adjustable waistbelt makes it really easy to get into and out of, and it was very comfortable to wear all day every day of the trip.  While hiking I position the pack to my back, but when sketching I move it to the side, or even the front for easy access of items.

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