Sunday, October 23, 2011

A tale of Apples and Crabapples

Our class spent an afternoon in a lovely apple orchard.  It was on the top of a small hill with beautiful views of the garden, fields and mountains that surround the Folk School.  We spread out among the trees, each picking a tree to sketch and a shady spot to work.  As we sketched we were serenaded by the penny whistle class, who were practicing in the nearby building.

The previous day I had sketched a branch with a few leaves and one small apple.  Today we would tackle a whole tree full of apples!

I picked a small tree that was isolated from its neighbors making it easier to determine shape, and eliminating the confusion of branches and shadows of other trees.  Sunlight reached through the tree's branches nicely lighting up one side of the trunk.  The sunlight also cast shadows on the ground below the tree and on some of the interior leaves helping to define the shape of the tree.

It wasn't until I was close to finishing the sketch and walked over to take a closer look at the apples that I realized this was a crab apple tree!  Oh well.


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