Sunday, January 22, 2012

More spring bulbs

Every weekend I am checking my garden for new flowers.  Last weekend I noticed my yellow Snow Crocus  (Crocus chrysanthus) are all up!  For several years I wondered what the small clumps of thin green and white striped leaves were.  Then one year I just happened to look at the correct time and saw the flowers.  The flowers only last a few weeks and they are very short, so if your not looking carefully at the correct time you will miss them.

This weekend my large purple Crocus appeared.  I added them last year, and they ended up being planted among some Hyaciniths.  It is still too early for Hyacinth, they will come up after the crocus are done blooming.  If you look very closely you can just see a few crocus leaves in the lower left hand corner of the photo.

I also spotted some small clumps of Dwarf Crested Iris (Iris cristata) appearing around the bird bath.  There were not even leaves last weekend!  The Crocus mentioned above are also members of the Iris family.  

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