Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joyce's Camelias

I received a container of beautiful Camellia blooms this week from Joyce.  Camellias are small evergreen trees that are covered in beautiful large pink to red flowers.  They are a popular ornamental in the deep south, where they are grown for their flowers.  A related species (Camellia sinensis) is grown for its leaves, tea leaves.  

Camellia flowers are seldom used in bouquets as they just don't last well when cut.  The blooms are instead floated in a shallow bowl of water.  Joyce has several trees that exhibit a wide variety of bloom types, each as lovely at the other.  I was able to sketch only two before they began to fade and drop their petals.  A delicate pale pink Double-flowered Camellia cultivar and a dark pink with white Simple-flowered Camellia cultivar.

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