Sunday, May 6, 2012

Advancing art class: 2

For my second class I had a lot of homework to do:
  1. Small practice lessons each day (a few are in the previous blog post, all of them are in a flicker set)
  2. Pick out a subject for a big painting
  3. Do at least one value sketch
  4. Do several small sketches using different pallets
  5. Do several small sketches using different angles and central focuses
  6. Do a big painting
While I haven't managed to do a practice lesson each day, I have managed to do several journal entries.  I wasn't having much luck picking a subject for the big painting, and all the other tasks depend on that!  I narrowed my subject to a landscape, and then further narrowed it down to one of the landscape photos I had taken and planned on doing a painting of 'some day'.  I gathered the photos up and looked for the ONE.

I ended up picking a photo of Eilean Donan in the Mist.  The castle has been called the most photographed castles in Scotland.  Once you see it you can see why.  It sits across a rock bridge at the point where three lochs meet.  From every angle the castle presents a picturesque view, with rocks and water and hills in the background.  Quite often it is also surrounded by mist.  I had painted it before but wasn't really happy with the results.  I hope this time I will do better!  

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