Thursday, August 2, 2012

Door county Wisconson

While at The Clearing we managed a few side trips to other locations in Door County.

From The Clearing we had a view across Ellison Bay of the tree covered bluffs of Peninsula County Park.  When we visited the park instead of a view looking back at the rocky bluffs of The Clearing we looked far across the lake at Wisconsin.  Even so, it still was a nice park with a great view.

Sister Bay and Fish Creek, are two tourist destinations on the western side of the peninsula south of The Clearing.  We drove through the towns several times while we were staying at The Clearing.  They were both pretty (if crowded) lake side towns with colorful shops.  One thing I had never seen before was a live bait vending machine.  They can hold containers of live night-crawlers, leaches, meal worms or minnows (apparently the marine versions have frozen bait as well).

Newport Point State Park is the state's only designated wilderness, located at the top of the peninsula.  It is a lovely park with hiking trails and 12 miles of lake front.  From two of the parking lots trails lead to a sandy beach.  We spent an hour or two one very hot afternoon happily lounging in the cool waters of  Lake Michigan.

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