Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue leather wrap book

I liked the green leather wrap book so much I decided to made a second one out of blue leather for me.  It used the same dimensions as the first, which allowed me to re-use the hole punch jigs I had already made.  I had to tear down enough paper for another set of seven signatures.  For this book I selected some beautifully embossed paper to use for the endpapers (shown already sewn into the book at right) and a matching 4 cord linen waxed thread.

This design uses a matching narrow leather strap to secure the book.  The strap can be tied, or wrapped around a button or bead.  I was in luck because Steve had just made the perfectly colored cylindrical bead, and I was able to use it for this book.  The strap was secured to the front cover close to the front edge of the wrap with a few stitches; then carefully run under the middle set of long stitch threads of the binding.  Finally the strap was slipped under the cylindrical bead.  The strap was long enough to wrap it around the book twice more (shown at the left).

Below is a close up of the beautiful bead Steve made in his class.  The bead had to be sewn on leaving enough space for the leather strap to easily pass under it.  A photo of all the leather wrap books are class made is on the John C. Campbell Facebook page.

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