Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting on the same page with book binding terms

There were nine students in the Book Arts class, taught by Hollis Fouts and assistant Cheryl Prose.  A few students had bound a book before, but most of us had not.

We started with some basic book binding terminology:
  • Folio.  A single sheet of folded paper (purple at right).
  • Signature.  A grouping of multiple folios together (green and purple together).
  • Text block.  Multiple signatures that together make up the pages of a book.
We went over the parts of a book which would help us follow the discussions on how to assemble books.

We started by folding a single sheet of paper into an unbound book, then created a simple pamphlet book.  While not very impressive, this was my first book.  The text block consisted of a single signature of 4 folios  sewn together using a 3 hole pamphlet stitch (finished knotted on the inside of the pamphlet below). 

Folding and stitching these simple pages helped me think through what we were doing and memorize the terms.

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