Friday, December 16, 2016

Accordion pocket seed books

Vegetable seed book parts
The accordion books were made with a pocket designed to hold either vegetable or flower seeds.  I used 90 lb Stone henge 22 x 30 sheets of paper for the 6 1/2" by 21" strips.  I folded 1 1/2" of the paper strip up to create the pockets for the seeds.  Then accordion folded the strip to create 6 pages.

Seed packets from different vendors vary in size, as do the actually seeds.  So before making any books I made a test accordion out of card stock.  This helped me determine the final size to cut the paper to hold the heirloom vegetable or flower seeds packets I was using.

A foot of garden jute was attached to the inside of the back cover.  After the book is assembled the jute is used to tie the books closed.

Vegetable book front and back covers
For the vegetable seed book covers I used sections of a Jardin vegetable paper.  This colorful paper seemed like the perfect cover for a book containing heirloom vegetable seeds.

For the flower seed books I used paper with a flower design that can be colored.  The black and white covers were a perfect complement to the ink illustrations I added to the back of the flower seed books.

On the back side of the accordion pages I added ink illustrations featuring either a flower or vegetable garden to match the seeds.  Each type of garden illustration is a unique design, but has similar plant elements.

These little books make great gifts for friends that like to garden!

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