Friday, December 30, 2016

Minature book earrings

I made two types of miniature books.  Ones with decorative paper covers and ones with leather covers.

The miniature books with decorative covers are made by wrapping card stock covers in decorative or origami paper.   I used scraps of text paper for the 16 page signature.  The signature was bound to the card stock using the pamphlet stitch and Irish linen cord.  The photo to the right shows the templates as well as cut papers for the books.

Making small books can be harder then making regular sized books!
The leather miniature books have two signatures of 8 pages each.  Using two signatures allowed me to stitch the signatures creating a double 'X' pattern binding seen in the photo to the left.

An additional loop of cord was added to each mini book to attach it to the ear wires.  The end result was quite nice.

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