Monday, April 23, 2012

ATC swap

Several of the artists from the Strathmore on-line workshop participated in an ATC swap.  ATC stands for 'Artist Trading Card'.  Each participantin sent 6 ATC cards to the swap host, who sent us each back 6 cards from 6 other artists.  There wasn't a theme for this swap, so the artists could choose the media and subject matter for each card.  For my cards I made watercolor miniatures similar to some of the journal entries I had done for the class, which you can see in the below photo.

I followed the directions on how to make an inexpensive paper holder to mail the ATC card in on this Utube video.  Packed the cards up and mailed them off, crossing my fingers they would survive the postal system.  Then waited expectantly for my envelope of ATC swap cards.

Since I sent my cards in so late it was only a little more then a week before an envelope with six ATC cards from other Artists arrived in my mail box.  The cards are lovely, and I enjoyed talking with the artists who made the cards.  It was great fun participating in the ATC swap.


  1. I've recently found your blog and I am enjoying the journey. It would be more comfortable for me to read if you would choose a larger font size. Your work is lovely and your blog is informative and inspiring.

    1. Hi Julie-Anne,

      Thanks for your nice comments.
      Some how the text on this page was 'small' instead of 'normal', I have changed it so it should be easier to read now.