Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter cards

I have a friend who makes the most wonderful mixed media cards for every occasion.  I love receiving cards from her because they are so unique and fun.

The other day when I was at the art store I discovered Strathmore makes watercolor cards.  All they needed was some ink and paint and voila instant cards ready to mail.  I had plans to make several but, only managed to get two made before Easter.  One for my Mother and the other for my Mother-Inlaw.  The cards are almost the same size as my journal pages, so I was able to use previous journal entries (lesson in negative painting and Joyce's Camelias) as the basis for the cards which saved me some planning time.

While it may not be 'instant' card, it was pretty quick and easy to do, and I think the cards turned out nicely.  My only concern was mailing them.  I had used Strathmores watercolor postcards before while traveling and because of fears about mailing a watercolor had brought them home with me and hand delivered them.  I keep thinking I should use a fixative, but haven't figured out what fixative I should use. 

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