Monday, April 2, 2012

Spanish Bluebell flower study

I did this flower study for one of the sketches I did for lesson three of the Strathmore online class I took.  Its a close up of Spanish Bluebells, both a single stalk and a single flower.  According to legend, the bells of the flowers ring at midnight calling the fairies.  I can easily imagine the bells in the garden ringing, fairies gathering on the rocks and trees surrounding the bluebells while others dance around the base of the birdbath.

Spanish Bluebells can be distinguished from English Bluebells, but their straight stems, lack of fragrance, and larger more numerous flowers that have petals that do not fully curl back.  The Spanish Bluebell has become an invasive species in England where it out competes and hybridizes with the native English Bluebell.
Neither Spanish or English Bluebells are related to our Virginia Bluebells (pictured left), which are in a totally different family.

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