Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cherokee Rose flower study

I did this flower studies for the lesson 3 of the Strathmore online class.  Its a close up of a single Cherokee Rose.  The small roses in the border were done using an opaque white watercolor on top of the green branches and leaves.

This rose originated in China and was introduced to to US in the late 1700's.  It was naturalized throughout the Southeastern US, and became so common that the State of Georgia made it the State Flower in 1916.

We have an old Cherokee Rose in our backyard.   It was placed to grow along the fence, however it seems to like growing up more then sideways.  The large recurved thorns help it scale the near by trees, mostly un-noticed until the branches return to the sunlight and cascade back down to the ground.  Periodically the bush is trimmed back.  Currently they go about 15 feet up and 15 feet back down to the ground, even starting new bushes.  When in bloom it creates a curtain of green and white that is amazing to see.

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