Thursday, February 18, 2016

Attack of the Irish snails

I did some sketching of colorful native land snails I found on one of the day trips.  The sketching turned into race, as the snails decided to come out and crawl around the sketch pad.  Trying to quickly capture various poses as they continued to change remedied me of drawing class exercises.  We may think of snails as slow, but when your trying to sketch them they definitely move faster then you expect.  Below is a short video of the snail sketching race we had.

After I was finished sketching various snail poses, I used watercolor pencils to add colors to the snail shells.  I love the colors of these pencils and how they blend.  Using these pencils was what initially got me interested in watercolor painting.

The snails were not harmed by the encounter and were all returned to the wild after the sketching event.  They even received a snack in return for their assistance.  They enjoyed both the plant material I provided as well as my sketch pad!

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