Sunday, February 7, 2016

Croagh Patrick, Ireland

On a clear day, from the upstairs window at the Essence of Mulrany, I could see the distant mountains and the closer lofty peak of Croagh Patrick across Clew Bay.  Croagh Patrick has an undulating flat-topped base with a towering cone shaped peak.  The view presented to us was ever changing.  Clouds fled across the sky, circling around Croagh Patrick's peak, sometimes obscuring part or all of it from view.  At times the clouds completely blanketed the far side of the bay eliminating any view of the peak.

I took advantage of clear quiet mornings to paint the ever changing panoramic dance of clouds and shadows moving across the water and land.  I did a few smaller sketches and one large painting of the bay and distant mountain.  For big paintings I usually use Winsor & Newton tube paints, but I wasn't sure I could take them on the plane.  So I decided to make a second watercolor travel kit containing half pans of the same Winsor & Newton paints I use in my studio.  I found a Cotman Water Color Compact Set that holds 14 half pans on sale at the local art shop.  I replaced the student grade half pans with professional grade half pans based on the pigments I use the most.

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