Friday, February 12, 2016

Newport, Ireland

We took a day trip to visit the near by town of Newport, Burrishoole parish Co Mayo.  On of the reasons we went there was to see the beautiful stained-glass windows made by Harry Clarke (1889 to 1931) Ireland's greatest stained glass artist at the St. Patric Church.  His stained glass is renown for its vibrant colors.  In addition to stained-glass, Clarke provided illustrations for Hans Anderson's 'Fairy Tales' and Edgar Allen Poe's 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination'.  His work was strongly influenced by Aubrey Beardsley, Gustave Moreau and Joris-Karl Huysman, whose work dealt with the realistic, grotesque, the morbid. The church window's subject is the last judgement.  The windows were amazing!

The left window depicts Mary surrounded by six saints and five cherubs at the top (below left). A procession traveling up to heaven below, many of these are saints and angels.

The central window depicts a resplendent Christ as judge, surrounded by saints and angels at the top (below center).  Below are the souls of the dead rising to be judged.

The right window depicts Saint Patrick surrounded by six saints. In the lower half is filled with souls who have been judged unworthy and are being thrust down to hell, including a green devil (below right).  Some believe the upside down green figure being cast down to hell is a self-portrait of Harry Clarke.

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