Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mulrany salt marsh, Ireland

The Essence of Mulrany, is up on the hill side.  This location provided us with ever changing panoramic views of Clew Bay.   Clouds danced across the sky casting shadows across the water and land.  The tide moved in and out of the salt marsh changing the puzzle shaped pieces of land.

At low tide neighborhood sheep would graze on the salt marsh.  Moving from puzzle piece to puzzle piece by climbing down to cross the muddy creeks.  Farmers would send out their Border collies to herd the sheep back before the tide returned.  Sheep would run to and fro trying to avoid the dog, which usually managed to round them all up and herd them to nearby pens.  Any sheep that were left out on the marsh through the next high tide would have to stand where they were until the water again receded.  Sheep can't swim.  During one round up I watched the dog herd the sheep across the pedestrian bridge.

I did some sketches the salt marsh from the windows (high tide on the left and low tide on the right):


I also did a few Plein air pencil and watercolor sketches of the salt marsh and surrounding area during my walks (below).

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