Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strathmore online class Lesson 2 part C

I finally got a chance to try using both saran wrap and wax paper to create textured effects.  I used each technique to create backgrounds.

I just happen to have green colored plastic wrap left over from Christmas.  I had already done added the light green of the orchid leaves and wanted to add a dark blue background so the white flowers would standout.  I made a dark blue wash and placed the saran wrap on top.  This was done in a Strathmore mixed-media 90 lb paper journal and I spent too much time creating a graded wash so the paint was too dry by the time I applied the plastic wrap.

I tried it a second time on a similar painting in a Strathmore watercolor 140 lb paper journal.  This time I quickly applied a very wet wash using my flat Niji waterbrush and it turned out much better (see below).

I then used wax paper on a mixed color background also on  the Strathmore watercolor 140 lb paper.  After doing a quick pencil sketch, I wet the paper using my spray bottle.  Then I dropped in a few different colors and let them run together.  Before they dried I added the wax paper and squished it around.  Once the background was dry I painted the squash, and added a shadow to ground it to the paper.

As you can see in the below finished journal entries, the effects were very similar.  This technique is very nice for adding some background interest without distracting from the central image.

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