Friday, July 27, 2012

A place to sit

One day I did a quick sketch of the edge of Mertha's cabin.  The cabin looks down on the ring of adirondack chairs we often gathered at before and after dinner.  I only included a bit of the cabin, focusing on what I believed was the edge of the forest.  The journal entry was to be about the flow between the hardscape of man made and softness of nature.  Shapes that define and complement each other.

I came back to find the forest had moved!  Actually the forest had never been right up against the cabin.  There was a very overgrown terrace between the cabin and the forest.  I decided to finish the sketch using one of the sepia topic pens I had recently purchased.  I liked the look so much I decided not to add any watercolors.

One of the other classes that week was Landscape Design: Through the eyes of Jens Jensen, taught by Bob Grese.  As one of their class projects they had revealed the terrace.  From the now usable space you can look out across the central campus.  The students voted to call it 'Mertha's terrace', after Mertha Fulkerson, Jens Jensen's long time associate who kept The Clearing going after his death.

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