Sunday, July 22, 2012

Expedition to Ellison Bay

One morning six of us went on an expedition to the town of Ellison Bay to do some plien air painting.  The goal was to work on perspective as well as the mechanics of plein air painting.  Marilynn had previously been to town to ask if the classes students could come by and make some sketches.  Ellison Bay has several lovely victorian style buildings with porches and flower pots.  Several buildings in town were decorated red, white and blue, for the Forth of July.

The shop owners and towns people of Ellison Bay welcomed us and patiently waited watched as we walked the streets paying more attention to the buildings then traffic, sat on their benches, at their tables, and setup our stools in their parking lots or on their lawns.  We came back from our expedition tired and hot, but with wonderful sketches, stories and new acquaintances.

Important lessons for plein air painting are:
  • Scout the area ahead of time
  • Find a place to sit or stand that will remain in the shade
  • Carry a water bottle and a wear a hat
  • Capture your shadows all at once
  • Light and shadow work hand and hand
  • Green has many shades
  • A little bit of bright color goes a long way
  • Take several reference photos

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