Saturday, July 14, 2012

Begin the day right

We were sent out to the Lodge to do the next exercise: Find a still life to sketch.  We wandered around the Lodge looking for something to sketch.  It wasn't like the room was empty.  There were plenty of things, but how do you choose.  Finally I saw something that 'spoke' to me.  The coffee pot.  I start each morning with a cup of coffee (or two, or three) and that is an important part of my day.  The pot sat in front of several shelves of white cups, reflecting back other colors in the room.  The green of the tray it sat on, the red of the shirt of a fellow painter sitting at the next table.

Later I sketched the other item that was part of every morning.  The bell outside the Lodge.  The bell rang six times a day. Twice before each meal, once to warn and once to call.  Most of the day the bell was in shadow from the trees or building.  Except for midday, when the sun glints off the bell.

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