Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning light

We started and ended each day in the School House.  Here we labored to do better washes, haggled with frustrating perspective, agonized over color choices, lost and found items we needed, worked on page design and pondered over text.  Here Marilynn held demonstrations, led discussions, outlined our exercises and gathered us together to critique the results of our labors.

The School House is one of the original buildings Jens Jensen built at The Clearing.  The dolomitic limestone he used were quarried adjacent to the building.  The quarry area is now a mix of rock garden and wildflower meadow.  A path leads from the woods to the edge of the quarry, then rock steps climb down to the flowered lawn and around to the back door of the School House.

I had circled the School House several times, coming and going on different paths and at different times of day before I decided on what vantage point and what time of day I wanted for my sketch.  As I sat in the deep shade of the forest I watched how the light moved, highlighting one thing then another, allowing me to ponder each for a moment.  Shapes were revealed, and then faded as the light moved on.  This was one of the sketches I enjoyed doing most of all.  

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